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A Wiki dedicated to the 2004 visual novel, Remember 11: The Age of Infinity. Please note that this Wiki contains uncensored spoilers throughout and should not be used until you have completed the novel or you have no intention of playing Remember 11.

About Remember 11[]

Remember 11 : The Age of Infinity is a Japanese science fiction visual novel developed and published in 2004 by Kindle Imagine Develop (better known as KID). Remember 11 is the third and final entry in KID's Infinity series, preceded by Never 7: The End of Infinity, and Ever 17: The Out of Infinity. It has never officially been released in English, however a full fan translation has been produced.

Remember 11 principally follows two individuals; Fuyukawa Kokoro, a third year sociology student, and Yukidoh Satoru, a graduate student of quantum physics. Kokoro is involved in a plane crash on her way to visit a psychiatric institution in Hokkaido known as SPHIA. Satoru, already present in SPHIA, falls from the building's clock tower. When they come to, both realise their consciousnesses are swapping between their bodies in an extraordinary exchange phenomenon. Kokoro and Satoru must solve the mystery while also enduring two mortal threats; the oppressive weather conditions at an emergency shelter cabin near the plane crash site, and a killer inhabiting SPHIA.

For a full overview of Remember 11, its development, and release, please visit the Remember 11 page on this Wiki.


  • Scene Guide - A day-by-day, scene-by-scene guide to the story.
  • Ending Guide - Guide to the endings.
  • Timeline - An abridged version of the above (includes the timeline found in the 2009 PSP version).
  • Characters - Analysis and discussion of all characters.
  • Locations - Description of the locations that form an integral part to the mysteries of Remember 11.
  • Concepts - Analysis and interpretation of the concepts of the game. See also Analysis of Remember 11.
  • Items - Guide to objects of the story; some have significance, of which others do not.
  • Soundtrack - Listing of Remember 11's soundtrack and leitmotifs.
  • Game Data - Description of other aspects of the visual novel. See also articles relating to Development.

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